#wb10 - Webbiennial 10- Igor Zabel Pavillion - Gallery 6 - open gallery

"Igor Zabel (1958 – 2005) was a Slovenian curator, writer and cultural theorist who, during his entire life, was actively involved in many fields of theory and culture – as a philosopher, author, essayist, modern and contemporary art curator, literary and art critic, translator, and model for new generations of curators and critics of contemporary art". (http://www.igorzabelassociation.org/en/igor_zabel)

Aonghus Kneeshaw - Infinite Loop of Futile Prohibition

Jurgen Trautwein - S o u n d d e x

Alan Bigelow -What They Said...

Chiara Passa- Charting Art's Thoughts

Claudio Parentela - Contemporary Art with a Freakish Taste!

Immo Blaese - NewSpeak

Filimowicz/ Wanner/ Cassidy - Cursor Caressor Eraser

Agam Andreas- La Resocialiste-Edicion Internacional

Aleksandra Vasovic- Crucial disposition of a fluorescent pink rose petals

Man Art - Man Art 101